HTML5 Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

A great reference of the HTML5 specification online:

Use jQuery to make external links open in a new window

How to add target=”_blank” to all external links? I like the way using jQuery to make external links open in a new window…

.htaccess file

The Apache Web server provides a feature called .htaccess file, which provides commands to control a Web site. This file is simply a text file containing Apache directives.

jQuery: Disable right click

Some of us might want to disable right click, or want to create our own context menu for the website, this is how we can detect right click

jQuery table effect – hover and background colors

This is a table to demo the effect by using jQuery to assign the background colors on even and odd rows, and the highlight on mouse over effect. Click read more button to see the scripts and css…

ActionScript 3.0 Click Button Code Example

Here is an example on coding for click button in ActionScript 3.0. The example below, there are 2 buttons are careted in the flash.

Detect user’s device and redirect to a mobile web

While working on mobile web, first is think about how to detect the user’s device. If the user is using a mobile device, then you have to redirect to a mobile web, not a general long and 3 or 4 columns website.