Utilizing Smartphone-based Barcode Scanner for a Manufacturer

Case Study: Mobile Tracking Solution for a Manufacturer — a Scanner App Scanner App: Web App (Mobile Website) or Mobile App? Scenario: My client GG, as a manufacturer, has a request to replace traditional barcode scanners to smartphone-based barcode scanning. GG usually provides traditional scanners for his rep and dealers to use, in order to […]

Draw A Single Medicine Card

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Concentrate on your question, and pick a single card by clicking below. This is also an interesting exercise in discovering your own psychic potential. Learning to tap into your connection with the Universe – how do you receive your signs, tingling fingers? a smell? a sound? or visually […]

More iPhone/iPad Apps Created by JiaWebDesign.com

Medicine Buddha Mantra, Dr Hsu speeches archived station, Mantra chanting box, Meditation gadget

How to Add iAd Banner in iPhone App

In April 2010 during iOS 4 presentation Steve Jobs announced new advertisement platform – iAd. This platform is intended to allow developers of free apps to earn on their apps showing advertisement. The main idea of iAd is to connect interactivity (using smartphone or tablet) and emotionality of advertisement (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, multi-touch). It allows […]

HTML5 Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

A great reference of the HTML5 specification online: https://dev.w3.org/html5/spec-author-view

Web for Non Profit Foundations

To organize article categories and articles in a hierarchy: Developing website based on WordPress or Joomla to enable you to share your audios, videos, pictures, articles and adding contents easily.

Website Redesign – Before and After

Technologies, standards, and user expectations have changed a lot over the past few years. There are many social web or links you might need to connect with for your website, such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed or many others. You need to make sure you are rebuilding a compliant and functional web presence for your […]

Brand Marketing Site

The goal of the branding website is to use the opportunity to strengthen the brand identity, to build upon the intangible emotional connection in the mind of the loyal consumer. There are many great features of this branding website, including two blogging type sections for instant news update for riders and teams. a photo album […]

Product Gallery

An interactive online product catalog

  • Get Instant access to thousands of products listed in different categories/sub-categories.
  • View product images & description along with other details.
  • Enabling buyers to find the right product by search

Turn your static catalogs and portfolio into website

Site design with a WordPress CMS to turn a static business catalogue or brochure into an online showroom.